What's Happening

Laurel Springs School Playground Revitalization

September 4th, 2018

The Laurel Springs School playground is finished just in time for the kids first day of school!  Trudi and Meg, our head makers, brought the idea to then principle, Ms. Westerby, in February.  With her help and blessing, the project started.   Mom and daughter drew out the ideas.  Mom on paper and daughter finished them off digitally.  We had to wait until the end of the school year for the weather to heat up.  Prepping the blacktop came first. Meg and our hometown volunteers swept, pulled weeds and power washed.  Painting the pre-k/kindergarten area came first.  Everything was laid out in chalk, drawn by the artful hand of Meg. A week or so later we laid the driveway blacktop, giving us a nice, uniform work surface.  We had to wait one month for the blacktop to cure. We were ready to start the next phase the end of July. Unfortunately the next month brought heatwaves and rain, holding up the project.  As soon as there was a 3 day break in the weather, we drew and painted what we could until the next rain.  This went on most of August. The 22nd of August looked liked the break we needed.  Calling on all our volunteers for the last 5 day stretch of painting.  The weather people kept their promise and the volunteers came!  We were able to finish just in time for the first day of school.  It took a village and there's much pride in the end result.  Thanks to all involved!


MW Ribbon Cutting

September 27th, 2018

On September 27th, 2018,  to Ms. Meg's surprise, Dawn, our town clerk and Ms. Trudi asked our Mayor to start our open house with an official ribbon cutting.  Friends and family, new and old gathered to witness the event.  The Mayor spoke some gracious words and assisted in the ribbon cutting.  We really felt the love and excitement for our business and hope we do the town proud!  I know we love it!



April 30th, 2020

Hello fellow makers!  We are really missing the studio.  Along with so many other businesses, we still remain closed.  Every Saturday during the closure we will be offering a hands free Drop&Shop from noon-3.  You may pre order items we post on our FB page or there will be an outdoor area to pick out what you like. We also will have ceramics to take home and paint and craft kits all bagged up and ready to go. All forms of payment available.  Please follow social distancing rules.  Thanks for your support with locally handmade.

Ceramic Garden Mushrooms